Web Page Design

I will design the website for your business

I will plan the root and essence of your project to position your Brand online and reach your target audience.

As a result, you will receive a 100% Personalized and Exclusive Website, with the functionalities you need and visually attractive to capture the attention of customers.

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Types of Websites

Essential Features


An updated and professional website increases your conversions through clear and direct messages for your client.


It is an extension of your business, therefore, it must be developed correctly, with the necessary elements and tools.


It must be 100% optimized with keywords related to your business so that your customers find you easily.


In addition, it is very helpful and quick to have a site that is easy to update and edit new content.


The design must be 100% adaptable to any device, whether in desktop, mobile or tablet version.


You must have online security, and for that, have an SSL certificate for greater confidence towards the audience.

What does the purchase of Web Page Design include?

Domain Registration. SSL certificate.

Complete site design, structure selection and visual features.

Selection of color palette and typographic families.

Configuration of site features.

SEO configuration with keywords related to your business.

Loading of all the content (texts, images, links, etc).

Configuration and user access to the site.

Creation of corporate emails.

Registration of the website in Google.

Instructional user manual so you can make future changes.

What is the work process?


Through a virtual meeting, you can tell me ideas about your project, we will exchange opinions and I will collect all the necessary information to start the project.


I will start to design the first proposal for the site, unifying all the ideas and selecting the most appropriate design for your project. Also at this stage I will configure all the functionalities that your website will have.


We will review the last details to polish the site and get it ready to go online.


Your site will already be published online ready for your audience to know you.

Success stories

Let's start bringing your project to life!

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I am Rocío Penciaroli, Designer and creator behind Rococo. I am passionate about creating websites and brands with great visual impact and global recognition. I live in Rosario, Argentina and work for clients from different parts of the world. As a designer, I characterize myself for being very detailed, creative, innovative and perfectionist in each project. In my free time I like to train and deepen my skills.

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