About Me

Rocío Penciaroli
Bachelor of Graphic Design
paginas web

I’m Rocío Penciaroli, Graphic Designer and creator behind Rococo Design Studio.

I am passionate about creating websites and brands with great visual impact and global recognition.

I live in Rosario, Argentina and work for clients from different parts of the world.

As a designer, I am characterized by being very detailed, creative, innovative and perfectionist in each project.

In my spare time I like to train and deepen my skills.


Story of my life

When I received my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design (2017), at that moment I thought that I was going to take over the world, that all the doors were going to magically open for me, when it was not.

I went through several design and marketing agencies which helped me to add experiences to my portfolio. In the middle of 2018, I decided to start the path of entrepreneur. A task that is not easy at all, but I am very eager to pursue my dream.

diseño web, paginas web
diseño web, paginas web
I created my own Personal Brand Rococo Design Studio and thus gave life to my project. Today I work from home for clients from different parts of the world who need my services, I manage my schedules and my times. Every new client is a new challenge. And through each Design I can express my creativity.

Let's talk about hobbies...

But… as not everything is work, when I’m not designing I release energy in sports, training (another of my passions). I start the day dedicating a moment to myself, training not only the body but also the mind. It’s the time of day where I also come up with ideas and things I want to do.